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Canada has a census coming up and question 22 bothers me very much.

  1. What is this person's religion?

Indicate a specific denomination or religion even if this person is not currently a practising member of that group.

For example, Roman Catholic, United Church, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Muslim, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Greek Orthodox, etc.

Specify one denomination or religion only.

No religion (or check no religion)

They offer a no religion option but word it to suggest that non practicing still means you are religious. Which is stupid and exactly the type of devious bullshit we are fighting in Britain. The question should be. 21 Are you religious. If yes answer question 22.

Plus, what if your religion is a combination of several religions. Let's say a person has the capacity to evaluate and decide for themselves what chunks of a religion they will adopt. How do they answer?

I would rather the question just be: Are you delusional?

Mon, 07 Mar 2011 02:28:07 UTC | #599558