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"If you're not religious, for God's sake say so" assumes and so promotes the existence of god doesn't it? So i'm surprised the humanists wanted to go with it. I'm glad it isn't going to be used.

But I think I like Richard Dawkins idea the best, ask a specific question:

a) do you believe mohammed rode a winged horse

b) do you believe that bad people are reincarnated as animals that humans generally react repugnantly against

c) do you believe parts of sex organs are deformities justifying mutilating children

d) do you believe priests have the right to rape children

e) do you believe a nazi in a frock and judy garland ruby slippers is the highest authority for sex advice

f) do you think it is legal to kill your child if you hear a voice you think is god

g) do you think things exist when there is absolutely no real evidence for them

h) do you think you should thank god when good things happen and blame the devil or atheists when bad things happen.

i) do you believe that there is a spirit that survives death.

j) do you think your personal future can be determined by the stars, tarot cards, tea leaves, numbers...

k) do you think choosing FSH or Jedi as your religion on this census form is cool.

l) do you think George Lucas is god?

On second thoughts, forget some of those questions, i suspect a lot of people will say yes. Also you would probably need a very long census form.

Perhaps you should only ask one question:

1) Do you think science is the best approximation of reality humans have today?

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