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I actually think the "do you think * insert ridiculous religious doctrine *" is a bad idea to start with.

That's not exactly the point. Yes, I see the point of sensitizing people to what they do sort-of confess to believing in if they tick a religion in the census. But let's face it: A good deal of people tick Christianity or whatever for traditional reasons and care little about the stories attached to it. Many less fundamental people find the fact that atheists and humanists associate religious belief with a literal belief in these stories, however well-founded this association may be, ridiculous. Such posters will do nothing for them. I expect them to dismiss them or invoke the True Scotsman, or not care at all because that's not why they tick their religion, anyway.

The point of the posters is not "haha, if you say you're religious, look what you're claiming you've got faith in!" The point is that the government uses the census to justify decisions or to form them and that ticking a religion out of habit or tradition means skewing the picture of what is actually believed in Britain and what is actually important to the British population.

So I think that is where the focus should be put or should have been put. Maybe statistics will help or so. Like the results of the last census vs. other surveys.

"X people ticked Christianity in the last census, but only Y people even go to chuch. Churches are built with your taxes, too - so what will you tick in this year's census?" That would probably be even more offensive to religious people, though it contains nothing but facts with no anchor point to complain against - and that might be really helpful.

The very well thought-out "witness accounts" that already are on the current ads are actually quite wonderful, anyway. If there's need for a slogan, the old one still works: "If you're not religious say so in this year's census!" Or anything showing people that their vote matters and has an impact on decisions made by the government.

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