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Comment 16 by Mike Kemp :

Let's not make the mistake of thinking the census matters. There are several reasons why it can't.

Those are reasons why it shouldn't matter, not why it can't. It is and will be used to justify political decisions and positions. The more skewed the numbers are in favour of a deeply religious Britain, the more politicians will respond to the census by pandering to their wants in exchange for their votes. The census matters because if we can send a strong message that religion isn't a majority force in this country any more it can have a big impact across the country.

Also, do you really want to spend another 10 years officially considered the 'minority' in a mostly atheist/secularist country? How many arguments are you going to cringe in when religious ideas are backed up by census data? Are we suddenly going to become hypocrites and start whining about how statistics don't really mean anything, when statistics and fact gathering (Evidence) are the rock on which we've built our castle?

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