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I wouldn't worry so much about the booing. Big deal.

I thought Dr. Dawkins did very well. I'm glad he got in front of a nationwide audience and made the points he did. Very good to get those ideas out there.

To Justin's question, where did matter come from? Here's a good answer: we don't know.

But at least we know matter exists. We can touch it, feel it, smell it, measure it... etc. We can suppose some invisible magical process by which it came into being. But then we have to imagine a magical process that caused that process. And one that caused the cause of the cause of that process.

Have you wondered if matter itself is God, and therefore always existed? Not top down, but bottom up? Not a creating top-down intelligence, but a developing, bottom up intelligence -- just as we see in biology?

But that's philosophy, as far as science goes it's more parsimonious to say "we don't know" than to invent a word that really means "it's a mystery" and that word is "God", and act like that explains the whole thing.

Neither you nor I really know by which process the first hydrogen atom came about. You don't know any more than I do. I'm just honest about it.

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