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Comment 25 by Stafford Gordon

My "...for god's sake..." poster's in the window; it's a play on words for christ's sake!

Yes, and it is a great play on words that only clever people will get and appreciate. Unfortunately it is also the biggest hurdle this campaign is facing because only 20% of the audience and 0% of the people we need to get it past get it or think it’s clever.

Targeting 20% of your audience with a message that will satisfy 0% of the people you need on your side is very poor judgment.

The campaign is not to prove how clever we are. Wasting time fighting over a line that causes more confusion and angst cripples the project. This campaign is not to piss people off; it is to get them to tick no religion. That is it.

Mon, 07 Mar 2011 17:46:27 UTC | #599738