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The last two sentences say it all really.

Our first response to life should be gratitude and wonder that we share this remarkable world so far beyond our poor power to grasp.

Shows the ignorance of this mind set, lets' not try to understand or investigate. Let's not figure it out but just assume it was put there by some great power for some great purpose and think we assume we couldn't possibly understand something so great.

Now, let the derision begin!

Classic Atheist baiting. This is the religious version of "Come at me bro". Lets claim Atheists are angry and insulting, and then finish by goading so you can then say "Look at all the nasty comments, see they are mean. What do you mean I asked for it?"

This from a man who believes god once said "I'll swap you your foreskins for Israel"

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 09:50:45 UTC | #601287