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In the first two points the author appears to get it. That is all I really ask for from my religious friends. As friends they should be able to understand how I feel. This guy seems to get it unlike most religious people I know. They seem to deny any connection and regard criticism of religion as beyond the pale rude.

There is an element of truth of in the third point. People who are religious leaders are trained and experienced communicators and know better than to get angry. Many atheists (such as myself) see society as a broken machine, religion as a major theme in the malfunction and are actually slightly shocked (albeit naively) to find that our views are not more widely held. This leads initially to incoherent anger. We actually need to wise up, get over this and start communicating our position without throwing irate insults - however much nonsense gets thrown at us.

The fourth point takes the biscuit - and crumbles the pieces into the toilet. All of us who are interested in science are absolutely awestruck at the shere awesomeness of what science has uncovered. What religion demands is like taking a window with a beautiful view over a lake, forests and mountains, covering it with a cheap wallpaper and demanding that we sit around all day saying how wonderful the wallpaper is and teaching our children how wonderful the wall paper is.

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