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  1. Actually many people resent what religion is doing right now, and it's not only flying planes into buildings: it's basically its will to impose religious practices on everyone. Religious pressure groups don't limit themselves to lobby to defend their interests, which is legitimate, they lobby to impose religiously inspired legislation to everyone. This is unacceptable and I don't see why people shouldn't be angry about it. Why shouldn't I be angry if I will die for a disease that could be defeated by embryonic stem cell research?

  2. The monotheistic west relied for more than a thousand years on the scientific discoveries of polytheistic Ancient Greece. Scientists can be believers or non believers, but it is a fact that most of them are non believers.

  3. This is simply not true, as is demonstrated by the numerous "god debates". By the way, if audiences in those debates tend to sympathize with the non-believing orators it is, I suspect, primarily for the reason that, non believers, agnostics or uncertain people are more interested in those debates and attend them. Religious people tend to be content with their faith, which they consider a virtue, and don't really want to have it discussed. By the way, you can't escape the fact that in general the arguments put forward by the non religious side are more straightforward and compelling than the convoluted and often obscure points made by the religious side.

  4. It's actually the other way around. Those who don't take god as an explanation tend to be much more curious, and are very much in awe in front of every new, amazing scientific discovery. They happily admit they don't know a lot. Those who have "faith" already know the only truth that really counts: where's the mystery? Anyway, after you read a book by Hawking or by Dawkins, you don't get very impressed by half-baked stories of miracles.

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