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It seems the god soaked are completely befuddled about the reaction that they get when they publicly fluff for jeebus!

They really are shocked and fearful. Is it the intolerance really starting to be a reality that they all boast about and pompously claim as always directed at it a secular uncaring world...or is it those pesky atheists that should rot in hell for questioning a 'personal' belief? Is it a conspiracy of all the enemy against the bhabi jeebus?

The classic 'atheists are soulless' chant is perfectly exemplified by...

Finally, I will go so far as to say that there is sometimes in the atheist a want of wonder

It identifies the major flaw in theist counter argument. They are confusing the awe of ignorance for the awe of a natural process that is understood in function. It does not mean it is any the less spectacular...nor does it mean it is a mystery only made possible by a belief in imaginary beings.

Because they are intellectually lazy and fail repeatedly to understand the available science behind nature they assume that because they are ignorant of process that everyone else is! Certainly b'twixt'n'b'tween themselves the paucity of smarts is markedly apparent, but they compound the ignorance by refusing to study the scientific evidence . It is no excuse to claim ignorance of the how when they display arrogance of attitude...they don't know.....and they don't care! they should be thoroughly ashamed of their utter stupidity.

They patently fail repeatedly to understand that " godwotwentngonendidit" is not an answer that is either correct or helpful! It is a blanket assumption that is no longer required...they do not need their 'blanky no more...they are to old for having childish needs against a scary world.

The more honest do admit to the massive evil and murder that religion has perpetrated...then nonchalantly dismiss it.

Then we get the triteness...

to discount the supernatural is to lack the openness to mystery that should be a human hallmark.

Nope sherlock! discount the supernatural is to grow up as a species and intelligently confront the world on a one to one stand on your own evolved feet and meet the challenges of life as only a developed sophisticated and honorable life form can and should! Without recourse to an invisible, magical sky fairy.

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