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It takes a lot to make me angry.

One of the things you learn about being short tempered in the past is that it leads to hyper-sensitivity towards the slightest thing that does not go your way. Wanting the world to be in order 100% of the time, without exception, on pain of impromptu outrage is not healthy.

This leads to a very important conclusion: why feel angry over something you cannot change? And more so, even if you COULD play God and make the Universe revolve around you, why do you think it is necessary to be angry in order to do so? What contribution does your anger make that your rational mind is incapable of?

I have been into Psychology long enough to know that you cannot control your emotions, just as you cannot control your thoughts. It is probably more knowledge than I required in order to arrive at that conclusion. So that is why I have avoided saying "choose to feel differently" here. Just knowing that anger is both clouding for your rational mind and redundant amongst the many other available motives for doing something is enough to give your brain the message.

Because when people kill and do stupid things over nonsense, what else can you do other than change our biological state as a species? If they end up putting us into a real-life 1984 through gradual destruction of our rights, that is an inevitable consequence of our nature. Personally, I am not going to waste my time being angry over things I cannot change and just getting on with being happy with what I have got, while I still have it. Richard Dawkins' intro to Unweaving the Rainbow is more than enough for me.

People are stupid. Get over it. It is not worth the anger.

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