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Could those throwing c-bombs about kindly remember that some of us on here actually have them, and really don't like them disrespected.

Many thanks.


Comment 9 by Southpaw :

I'm sorry, is this an old article that he's found and decided to post? Every one of these issues has been answered many times before,

Yes, we have been around and about this one before! I recall answering it in detail in 2007.

I whittered on (as I do at times) but boiled it down...

Bottom line with all this? Is there one single point that can sum the above up?

I would simply make the point that it is often informative to look at when an atheist is asked the question 'Why are you so angry?' There is a fair bet that this is generally after a considerable amount of time being politically unrepresented, dictated to by the unworthy, lied to and insulted.

Who wouldn't be a little cross??

Nothing new under the sun.

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