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How, in the face of events which human kindness and concern registers as tragic and in need of help – help which human beings proceed to give to their fellows: no angels appear from the sky to do it – can they believe such an incoherent fiction as the idea of a deity? This is a perennial puzzle.

With great respect to Grayling, I see no puzzle. Many people find it intolerable that they are utterly powerless in the face of an empty and uncaring reality. That would be simply too much to bear. And so, they build the feeling that there is a deity on the foundation of the vague sense that there must be something more. Rationality is not involved, just emotion: when the feeling of 'should be' becomes strong enough it changes into a belief in 'must be'. The incoherence of the idea is no problem, indeed it allows the idea to adapt to fit almost any circumstance.

Sun, 13 Mar 2011 11:40:38 UTC | #602222