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If Mr. Grayling thinks a little farther and stays by his second conclusion of a deity (vile) he should be find the solution for his perennial puzzle. Believers and especially clergymen KNOW their lord is vile, that’s the reason they are afraid of him and love him together. There are numerous religious texts talking about the vile character of their deity, so they want to please him by adoring him. It’s the result of centuries of torture and killing by secular and religious rulers. Believers have the experience that nothing is helping against violence and torturers. The only way they see is being obedient and give their blood and sweat to please the mighty ones. After centuries nothing is changed. It’s the eternal war between right and left. Right being a little group of less than a few percentage of humankind and left being the rest. Democracy is not only under fire it turns out as it didn’t exist. The rulers of capitalism, invisible after their banks and artificial money-constructions, have not one voice but million voices. The problem of power remains the same, secular masters possess the body, religious masters possess the mind. The forming of communities remains hierarchies. So little minds turns to religion. It’s gonna be a long way.

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