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"This is a perennial puzzle."

I think we all inherit emotional irrationality - coupled to the diversity of our biological desires and naivety that informs this complex dependent on our age and educatedness. The range of thought inspired feelings that arise when an aged grandparent passes away are significantly different than those coupled to untimely death - and especially more when that death directly removes ones sustenance and 'role-model' for life in the future to come.

Irrationality is historically, inherently interlinked with despair and as such promotes a tendency. in the emotions, for a pleading to beseech the chaos of pure chance that delivered the tragedy to somehow redress the balance - as occurs in others lives.

The very altruism in humans that desires equality and fairness has the potential to inhibit and dismiss rationality wherever extremes appear. And as we know, farming the masses, managing profitable margins via capitalisms 'market share' mechanics sees to it that irrationality is preserved wherever a dollar is to be had from selling 'feel goods' or similar feng shui psychologies.

Religion is an old product in this respect and has evolved its own strata throughout histories periods of enlightenment and education to help itself preserve the irrational and raw emotions of countless generations. It is this we see before us, amidst the more rational and more educated composite of mind-emotion reactions we see as more healthy and supportable in the long term and for the benefit of future generations. Emotional solidarity in this respect is really in its infancy and the old ways all too easily are resurrected from their ancestral, inherited graveyards of consciousness identity.

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