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Comment 192 by catfacemeow :

As a member of a church situated in Christchurch, very close to the cordoned city center, I did honestly find this article mildly offensive......

..... Either way, Christianity is more than worth it, and I have no qualms about dedicating my life to it. A heck of a lot better than dedicating my life to hatred towards a specific group of people.

God Bless

The 'mild offense' is highly likely due your goodwill being attached to an imaginary character whom you emotionally have accepted as real irrespective of all the intellectual evidence suggesting this character cannot possibly be an existential one. It really could only ever be fictitious - which is why the emotions play out lifelong support of it. It is absent rational analysis just in order for the very idea of it to be preserved!

Hatred is often a very unpleasant energy and also usually born of emotional anxiety and irrational mindsets posing as if reasonable - granted.

Love is usually specifically altruistic and empathetic though it too can be irreversibly polluted with hateful angers and vengefulness. In fact love has various definitions of mind-emotion combinations dependent upon each person. This is the difficulty with language when it addresses complex human thoughts and feelings attached to decades of life experience and taught behaviours.

If it's goodwill you are in support of then I understand your motivations entirely. However we all have been born to an accidental inherited psychology of previous generations and often one it might take us a lifetime to loosen the irrational bondage to. Look at the thousands of attempted god-fictions of our ancestors - you perhaps consider mythological. If you do this from a neutral position it will not take you long to see that your god is just one more of the same. The ONLY reason your ancestors believed in their god was because of their emotions being overly attached to an inherited fiction!

The suggestion ones life is predominantly beholden to a fictitious consciousness is admittedly 'offensive', but nevertheless more than highly likely true where religious 'characters' are concerned. There is far less that can be stated as fact about any such characters than most humans permit themselves to pretend to know. This is the poison of dogma and indoctrination that posits lies as fact down successive generations then judges humans by its imaginings. We have a right to be deeply offended by such evaluations of our mindset when confronted with emotionally inherited make-believe no matter how it magnifies itself as based upon altruisms of human existence. It does this to conceal its fake origins.

I see your concerns that to erase 'god', for you, feels like you erase all that you have come to know as 'goodness'. How can fact compete with a fiction? Fiction is far more emotionally extreme. Just look at a childs fear of the dark when in reality there is nothing to fear! In this respect your emotions are probably over-magnified in respect to the character you have come to consider real. How to compensate that with truth and reason is painful and extremely time consuming, not to mention complicated and confusing.

I also see your concerns that the secular world displays lots of evidence that seems alien to altruisms. Money and markets are barren to feelings and often search only for imaginary number increases on some computer databases which indirectly govern others lives in very ruthless and tragic ways. This is probably the 'reality' you despise and oppose when you see it present to you as an alternative to your fictional 'love'. I can wholly see why many get distracted by such alternatives but to me, to let ones emotions become consumed by what my mind knows to be false (old books claims about god )is like pretending to love capitalism because it provides us some benefits - when in effect its unconcerned with each individuals plight and much more preoccupied with looking at general trends and the profit margins of the powerful. Though this might seem a crude summary it's much closer to the truth than to consider someone out there really is watching everyones every move and rewarding them in kind!

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