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One thing that always strikes me whenever I read or hear someone talking about Richard Feynman is the deep sense of affection he inspires. Real affection. Respect, or even awe, are fairly commonplace when talking about great scientists (obviously) but comparatively few are talked about with that same level of warmth. Carl Sagan is another one.

I'm really, really looking forward to reading this. I recently read a biography on Paul Dirac...and while most of the science went straight over my head, I was still left with s solid idea of his place in the scheme of things and how much he achieved. Hopefully, this book will give me the same insight regarding Feynman.

I already have much to thank Lawrence Krauss for. I managed to get my 14 year old son ("science is boring!") to watch A Universe From Nothing with me which he conceded was "interesting" - glowing terms for him. I later found ('cos I'm a nosy mum) that he'd been Googling some of the things LK had talked about. Result!

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