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I had chance to attend a Lawrence Krauss lecture at Perimeter Institute's Quantum to Cosmos Festival and then meet him spending a few minutes with him after. What an infectous fun personality guy! It was like we went to a stand up comedy show and a physics lecture broke out. He presented his lecture: "Life, the Universe and Nothing: Life, and Science, in an Ever Expanding Universe" and began by saying..."We're All Fucked"...huge laughter!...then went on to explain the eventual doom of our universe. He wears his reputation as the Woody Allen of Physics very well. After the lecture...I was the first one in line to get my book signed.."The Physics Of Star Trek"(very entertaining read) and he went to sign my book...the pen didn't instantly about 20 people put pens in front of him...I couldn't resist it...I said..."Dr.'s just like...A Beautiful Mind...with all the pens"....He looked at me and cracked up laughing.... After he came over and said was a VERY nice evening..... Just had to tell of this experience....

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