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There's quite a lot of Feynman on YouTube; enough to more than whet your appetite, anyway. This is a good place to start; or end, for that matter.

Sure, cherry pick it and you get a distorted view of his genius...But try this one and see Feynman at his most idiotic. Then track down Feynman's dentists...and they will tell you the battles they fought.

For instance, he advocated on national television that people not brush their teeth or floss. We shared the same firm of dentists, and I knew that they were having terrible trouble with his teeth. They tried to persuade him to brush, or floss, or both, and he wouldn't do it. They kept bringing in scientific papers showing that it was useful; but he kept insisting it was just a superstition. -- Gell-Mann

I will also mention he blew off Linus Pauling when Pauling attempted to give him help on his cancer. When it came to medicine, Feynman had very large shoes, only they were made of lead. Feynman's genius was not universal, it was largely confined to physics.

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