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Couldn't help myself and sorry if someone else already posted something similar to what I would like to say. What some may not realize is that the Constitution and add the Bill of Rights was the first time in the history of mankind that spelled out individual liberty for all, for each individual as endowed by the creator (that's left up to personal interpretation, myself the creator so happens to be our life bearing planet). Prior to this most civilizations were under a dictator umbrella in some form or another. A guy like this Phelps and company under a dictatorship might be hauled off and shot, likewise other forms of free speech may be treated the same way. Outspoken Atheist comes to mind. The great minds that developed this Republic knew this and had been subject to a dictator, hence these documents were created to form the union and preserve these rights. There are ways to amend this (they realized that needed to be part of the process), but stifling free speech I am afraid would be to destroy this concept.

As a side not; unfortunately we have had too many politicians that have already trampled over these rights. I could go on but you know... :-)

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