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Comment 20 by Michael Gray :

For instance, he advocated on national television that people not brush their teeth or floss.

Utter bollox.Does not Gell-Mann, nor any contrary commentator recognise that Dick was employing rhetorical hyperbole to make a point about unsubstantiated superstition?Honestly, what is wrong with you lot?

I will also mention he blew off Linus Pauling when Pauling attempted to give him help on his cancer.

The quack Linus Pauling of the "Vitamin-C will cure all ills!" Pauling?Spare me from the irony.

Contrary to the evidence and facts, you have managed to disparage the opinions of two Nobel laureates in one post of course I am sure you must be quite correct, neither Pauling or Gell-Mann had a clue. Good post. Well done.

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