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To be fair,..


Feynman made a scientific statement about dentistry, and if it had been left at that, it could have been taken as an illustration of the Feynman rule to always check everything for yourself, and trust nobody, including dentists. But he went further, acted upon his statement, and ignored the advice of his dentists, who evidently had scientific studies. So I am not only disparaging Feynman’s opinion of dentistry, I am disparaging his actions based on that opinion. The experiment was done: Feynman put his opinion where his mouth was -- literally -- and his mouth lost.

Since neither Feynman nor Pauling won their Nobel prizes in the treatment of cancer, they are on equal ground when it comes to authority

They not only were not on equal ground, they were not on the same playing field, and yours is a breathtakingly ignorant comment. Pauling's knowledge of medicine -- and, frankly, chemistry -- dwarfed Feynman's. I am not aware of any disease Feynman had a hand in remedying, unlike Pauling's insights into the cause of Sickle Cell Anemia.

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