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Comment 19 by Sarmatae :

I hate 60 minutes. That aside. At the 12:35 mark the interviewer asks in relation to Hitchens placing his faith in science and medicine, not in god"

" Is there something that could change your mind, in your weakened state?"

Now... Now I need Christ. Why this particular moment?" "Because now you are at your weakest...". That's! why this struck some sort of flashback for me. Those words. "Now you are at your weakest"..........

I've oft wondered over the decades what exactly he meant by weakest. ........... But I wonder, he might have some subjective reasoning that puts his actions in the best possible light for his own benefit but what is the objective difference? It's still the same logistically.

............... That's the impression I got from that one question in this interview. If perhaps Hitchens were to switch his piety from science and medicine to god perhaps god will help. Or in reality since Hitchins doesn't believe in god then at least he may resort to grasping at straws. I mean, does anyone else find that pulling this type of psychological blackmail on a person who is suffering fundamentally sick? ........ That's sick, really sick and insulting. But par for the course for the theistic mindset.

In my experience I can only suggest a few motives for religions condescending attitudes when faced with sincere and crystal clear reason. It is a range of 'self-image' emotional warfares they wish to wage and win on their own terms. They already pay homage to a fictitious comic book hero who is going to address and redress all of their woes and pains and who also, in their imagination, supports their every thought and feeling in respect of the increasing amounts of time they employ their mind beseeching. They identify with it more than they do themselves. In many it becomes the replacement for who they are but on a grander scale which befits the level of insult they feel when it is challenged or attempted to be made redundant. There are some who identify almost entirely with the virtuous elements of such a character and so feel endless pain when it becomes insulted - almost to the point of themselves being reduced to death and betrayal. But also I have, I very strongly suspect, seen very evil emotions smirked on the faces of the presumptuous - as if they somehow feel they have greater parity with goodness - in spite of their inability to read the hearts of the victims of their dismissive attentions. They are truly without understanding. They are wallowing in the mire of their own narcissism. They are exercising cruelty of thought and considering it virtuous. Their own inflated self image is become part and parcel of who their god is in their own mind.

In this respect, at either extreme and across the whole range of 'self-image or alter-ego' gods it is the over-magnification of their own wishes and woes, their own desires and judgements that their own mind has been educated to role play as and as such cannot be easily communicated with, since when can a fiction ever be challenged on rational terms. To begin to debate it is to enter the imaginary world of theatre and deluded minds in some sincere attempt to get them to see from the other side of the 'looking glass'. And if theirs is an aloof self image one risks being spoken down to, but if a self sacrificing self image causing them incredible angst.

There seems little to admire and lots to despise about the effects on the human of religious indoctrination!

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