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← Vatican tells U.N. that critics of gays under attack

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You said something to the effect that those who dissent from the majority view on issues like this are themselves treated very intolerantly. What form does this "intolerance" actually take? I'm not aware of anyone being beaten, imprisoned, rejected by their families and communities, or even murdered for example. These are the sort of excesses that homophobia may lead to, though not inevitably of course; this is well-documented. No, no; those who dissent from more liberal views about gay people are basically just criticised aren't they? They have to suffer not beatings, rejection, imprisonment and murder, but merely the equivalents of strongly-worded letters to The Times. Yet your sympathies lie with the poor homophobes. I think you need to think about your priorities here Andy.

Also, using the phrase "political correctness gone mad" is such a cliche, and suggests that you might be a Daily Mail reader.

As for the failed Pentecostalist foster carers you mentioned, I'm afraid they rather brought it on themselves. That was a fight which they started, having been encouraged (and funded) to do so by an unholy cabal of conservative and fundamentalist Christian lawyers. Was that 'fundamentalist correctness gone mad' do you suppose?

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