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It is true that "atheist" says little more about a person other than "lacks belief in god(s)".

It is, again, true, that by itself, this does not reveal profound insight into a person's worldview. Atheists are diverse and may share little else other than their rejection of the divine. Though, in a world that is still mostly populated by believers of one kind or the other, that alone should be worth mentioning, "negative" or not.

And yet I do not share the view that "atheism", "no religion" or "non-believer" should be replaced by something "positive". Humanism and the like are not supposed to replace religion - and if they were, I would oppose them.

Religion is not simply a stance, a worldview, a way to provide one with a set of morals.

It is the belief that supernatural sources exist that provide us with a deeper insight into truth and morality than any "mundane" science or philosophy.

I reject this belief. I do not replace it with any other supernatural source of wisdom more to my liking. I reject it, I reject the very idea of the supernatural, let alone the idea that it can "offer" us any kind of knowledge or morality.

I reject it, and I don't wish to replace it with anything else. There are other things that provide me with meaning and values. But they are not religious, and I don't ever want them to be viewed as such.

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