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When someone asks me my religion, I say "I am not religious." If pushed further, I will call myself an atheist. I don't revolt against describing myself that way, but I think the author's point is a legitimate one--albeit, one that has already been made by Sam Harris and numerous other people.

I think there are many people who do define themselves by their atheism. Take for example the unmitigated YouTube douchebag known as TheAmazingAtheist who. Watch some of his videos if you want to know why I call him a douchebag. Then there is the much more reasonable, but still unnecessary IMO, channel: TheAtheistExperience. Do we really need an entire radio show dedicated to discussing why God does not exist? Things like that risk turning atheism into a positive system of belief. Instead of establishing forums and YouTube channels dedicated to disproving God, why don't we establish forums and YouTube channels dedicated to promoting reason and combating irrationality, whatever form it takes.

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