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Well, yes he is right that the situation we are in is absurd! The fact that we as atheists constantly have to define ourselves as not religious is crazy! But, it is not the atheist movement that is absurd. What is absurd is that people who do not actively take a stand against religion is automatically considered religious. Or at least that seems to be the case in many parts of the western world.

And exactly why is it so wrong to have a movement against something? Most of the movements we cherish are anti-movements. Anti-racism, anti-homophobia, etc... Still, I have to admit I also find it strange that atheists especially in USA seem to dedicate such a large part of their identities to being atheist. But, then again, I don't live in a deeply religious country either.

Shit, why did I even bother to comment on a meaningless article like this one! It seems like these damn "neo-liberal intellectuals" go to greath length in order to find some rationale by which they can avoid being associated with these ugly damn atheists. "Yes, of course we do not believe in gods. But, as true gentlemen we do not want to get too upset about the order of things do we." Self-righteous cowards who like to think they take the moral high-ground while in fact they are only sitting on their asses doing nothing but complaining and whining about these unsophisticated and rude atheists!

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 13:44:19 UTC | #607388