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The author of this article is obviously a moron. He bemoans the fact that non-believers might be inclined to tick 'No Religion' and emphasizes that non-believers really do have deep-seated values etc. But at no point does he admit that (unless I am mistaken about the British census form) there is no real alternative for a genuine non-believer who wishes to contribute a full profile to their country's census data: there are no "humanism, Enlightenment values, family values, the Good Life, hedonism, whatever" boxes under the heading of Religion on the census document.

Presumably, the author does not intend to give any answer to the question, which is fine. But doing so would fail to demonstrate what he actually does believe not one bit less than ticking the 'No Religion' box. In which case, he would make himself a hypocrite and the object of his own misguided scorn.

(Alternatively, he might just tick 'Catholic' - and join the ranks of the ever-growing army of hypocritical non-practising Papists.)

He whines that our 'movement'

only tells people what they should not believe

as though that were a bad thing. Some people just can't understand why the rest of us don't want to impose our beliefs on others.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 14:12:23 UTC | #607395