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Bart Ehrman is the man.

You'll learn more about how Christianity started, grew and developed into the modern form of Christianity we all know today by reading his books than any other author.

I've read eight of his books and just ordered his latest, "FORGED, Writing in the Name of God- Why the Bible's Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are."

All the modern day Christian apologists hate and fear what he has to say because he's spent most of his life studying the earliest manuscripts of the bible in the original languages, namely Greek and Hebrew, but also early manuscripts in Latin, Syriac, Aramaic, French, German, all of which he can speak. That asshole William Lane Criag especially likes to denigrate him. Ehrman simply reveals to a lay readership what most bible scholars have known for a long time; the bible ( "New Testament") was cobbled together by very human authors many decades after the death of Jesus sometimes with outright forgeries.

I consider Bart Ehrman not only a scholar but a historian.

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