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Wouldn't it be wonderful if they turn out to contradict everything that Christians think they 'know' about Jesus?

Well from the article what we appear to have so far is a reference to a Messiah, a cross and an empty tomb - so far so good

There is something I need from all of this: is there anywhere where I can see the actual evidence without having to pay for it? (as someone who's not going to have next month's rent ready this is a major issue at the moment) I've heard plenty of the various forgeries etc. in the bible but I can't use it in debate as it simply becomes a case of your word against mine with people who have counterarguments to the common ones that I know.

Not necessary. All you need to know is; a) The Bible was changed by persons unknown because they had an agenda which they wished to convey to a certain audience. b) Most if not all biblical scholars know this but shy away from it as they are working to a given agenda for a certain audience c) Bart also knows this but wishes to highlight it as part of his agenda for his target audience.

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