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Comment 19 by jimbobjim:

I'm afraid I've got to pick you up on your two objections.

1) Although the "pseuepigrapha" are usually understood to be non-canonical books, the adjective "pseudepigraphal" is often used to describe canonical New Testament books which purport to be written by people who didn't actually write them. Your comment that "even Wikipedia could have helped here" is somewhat undermined by the fact that the first section of the Wikipedia entry includes a discussion as to whether the canonical book 2 Peter ought or ought not be considered pseudepigraphical. Ehrman's point stands: there are numerous NT books which were written by people other than the authors they claim, and therefore they can be called "pseudepigrapha", since "written under false authorship" is what the term actually means.

2) I find this a bizarre assertion. Even some conservative Biblical scholars admit that some NT books (such as the disputed letters of Paul) were not written by the people who they claim wrote them. At its very outset 2 Peter claims to have been written by Peter, but you'd be hard pushed nowadays to find an academic commentator who accepts this. Perhaps you need to broaden your reading in the field.

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