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Comment 25 by keithapm :

Comment 19 by   jimbobjim :

a bit of a silly article and makes 2 major errors:

  • Pseudepigrapha does not refer to books in the new testament where the authorship might be in doubt.  They refer to a different set of books altogether.  (even Wikipedia could have helped with that one).
  • Jim, I'd like to know just where you're coming from. In response to your comment I decided to check Wikipedia in order to see if, in fact, Bart had goofed. I want to know what Wikipedia article YOU checked because the one I looked at is completely in accord with Bart's use of the word.

  • No scholar (worth anything) suggest that someone wrote books of the Bible pretending to be someone else.  The disputes about authorship are based on other reasons.
  • Why would there be disputes about authorship if the writers of the texts could be shown to be who they claimed to be? Why does questioning the validity of the claims made make you a less worthy scholar?

    Maybe some more research shoudl be done before publishing something so weak.

    Maybe you should check your references (Wikipedia in this case) to avoid misrepresenting them.

    Oh, and welcome to the website, Jim.


    I think jimbobjim just didn't pay close enough attention and confused "apocrypha" with "pseudepigrapha". The former is indeed a different set of books than found in the KJV, at least.

    Tue, 29 Mar 2011 14:33:52 UTC | #608718