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My first point about "Pseudepigrapha" is that it normally refers to the books not generally regarded as part of the Bible (old or new testament), Bart is (IMO) trying to add books into that category, most (if not all) good bible scholar don't regard and bible books (as in the 66 books) as Pseudepigrapha. That doesn't mean they don't dispute authorship. To call it Pseudepigrapha gives the impression that someone did it to pretend to be the writer - an assumption (see my second point)

My second point, is that no good scholar (again IMO) believes that any New Testament book was falsely written by anyone on purpose. Bart seems to suggest that someone one day decided to write an epistle and pretend to be St Paul...there is no evidence for this. Assuming (for example) that some books were not written by St Paul, but bear his name ( a matter of some debate either way) the chances are that someone making a copy thought "This was originally written by Paul so I should put his name on it". I don't think that is being deceitful,but maybe careless, stupid or misguided. I think Bart is making a big assumption here.

And Keith...thanks for the welcome.

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