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Well, lets here from some Manic Street Preachers on this subject...

Herman the Bull and Tracey the sheep Transgenic milk containing human protein The bacteria cheaper than baby food Injection today Today it's a cow, tomorrow it's you

(A great band, 'the holy bible' is probably their best work. Hee hee.)

My take on this? Is it really necessary for cows to produce human breast milk? How far does this seriously have to go? I'm suspect of some of the larger corporations pushing things like baby formulated milks from what I've heard in the past (Nestle's dodginess rings a bell).

I think I've heard of something relating to getting animals to produce insulin and other medicines, but that strikes me as a little more specialist and urgent than something that virtually every mother on the planet can achieve. Surely there are more sensible alternatives than something this drastic.

I'm open to any compelling argument anyone can make but I don't see why this type of thing needs to be done.

Sun, 03 Apr 2011 22:37:16 UTC | #611487