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There are very important degrees. Who would feel extremely bad about a parent who decided to kill Fred Phelps as he spews his hatred at their son or daughter's funeral? Not me. Those crazy religious zealots who killed innocent people not related to the person who burned the Koran should have been stopped by law enforcement, even if it required a bullet to stop them. Terry Jones does not deserve to be murdered for the burning of "paper and ink", but had he been the one murdered instead of those innocent Afgans, wouldn't that be less evil? Do we stand idly by while religious idiots mistreat women in the name of belief espoused on that "paper and ind"? Unfortunately, there are people committing such horrible actions that it justifies fighting and dieing for to stop them, and yes, even killing for.

Mon, 04 Apr 2011 00:04:51 UTC | #611537