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Comment 1 by Richard Dawkins :

I am honored to be reading this article Professor Krauss, and I am also honored to be the comment second to Professor Dawkins. I hope. On the subject of absolute morality, though there might not be any moral absolutes, could there be cause and effect relations that could fall under the moral category? I admit, my question is influenced by the Vedanta concept of Karma. The concept is actually quite basic, though it is often misconstrued as moral dogma. In a more colloquial sense, it is simply "What goes around comes around". Though there are no 'bad' and "good" which are defined qualities, actions do lead to supposed "reactions", could this be super imposed to a sort of karmic level? By the way, I am an atheist, I was just intrigued by this.

Tue, 05 Apr 2011 15:40:25 UTC | #612141