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I think that it's absolutely hilarious how many Christians are now ashamed of using the "you just gotta have faith" argument. The faith argument can be so easily torn apart. Christians are starting to realize the major flaws in just professing faith. It doesn't work and you just end up looking humiliated. Anyone can have faith about anything. So now they try and use logic to deduce a God entity. These argument also fail miserably because they amount to the classic God of the Gaps argument. At least it's great to see them shying away from the highly irrational "you gotta have faith" argument. They now appeal to the King of the God of the Gaps arguments. William Lane Craig. I'm so amazed at how this mans arguments ALWAYS amount to - "I can't think of a naturalistic explanation for this phenomenon- Therefore God did it". And Christians find it impressive. Is this an improvement from "you just gotta have faith"?

Tue, 05 Apr 2011 19:23:08 UTC | #612275