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← Catholic Church reverses course on bill to eliminate statute of limitations on sex abuse of minors

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Its very easy to get around this. Set the limit for the statute of limitations at, say, a nice round 100 years. (I could be persuaded to compromise at 'three score years and ten' if pushed.)

Then everyone is happy! Oh - except the paedophiles and child abusers of course. We wouldn't want to breach THEIR human rights would we?

Well actually . . . maybe we would.

(Of course having spotted that the p word appeared to be a spelling mistake on this comment because I tend to use UK English, I expect I am now on the register of official suspects for having looked up the spelling with Google. And me saying this is now my cover story. And I'm being recursively paranoid now.)

The point of the last paragraph was that the police are out looking for paedophiles and accusing innocent parents of taking illegal photos of their children, but they ought to go for the priests who are being protected by the Vatican, and then for the Vatican for protecting them.

Tue, 05 Apr 2011 21:46:51 UTC | #612332