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Here's how I'd answer, if I were somehow running:

"I notice that none of the other candidates addressed the specific terms used in the question, something I will be careful to do. I do not believe in a personal god, and do not feel compelled to accept any sort of god as true. But that is my own opinion on the matter, and as President I would be certain to accept and respect people simply as people, and regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

I do not think that there is any power contained in prayer, nor any other force yet known to man, to prevent such disasters or stop them once they've begun. There are only two options: knowing what preparations are possible to prevent any disasters we ARE capable of preventing, and acting swiftly and effectively to lessen the impact on life and property of any disasters we do not or cannot prevent.

As to prayer, I believe the choice to pray or not to pray is personal to each individual. If the act of praying makes you feel better, or gives some form of comfort to those around you, then so be it. For me, the only source of comfort I find in troubled times is knowing the role my own knowledge and actions have played, accepting those situations where I've done my best, and learning to improve in those instances when I have not. I will leave the praying to those who find it helpful for themselves. I prefer contemplation, informed discussion, and reasoned action."

Who'll vote for me in 2020? :-P

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