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'Do atheists need their own bible?'

I consider Graylings perspective, from his position of having a plethora of knowledge and awareness respecting historical alternatives, about human tendencies to resort to mythological psychological placebos (aka religions claims on the unknowable), must be worthy of greater kudos from many angles. Whether it is granted, time, and the reasonable education of the masses, will tell, but on no account would I speculate that its value lies purely in its successful and lasting distribution since, as we know, people are far more easily indoctrinated from youth with fears of fictions which carry imaginary afterlife escapes from the pains they threaten as a way of disabling the reality consciousness for the lifetime of their host.

I look forward to reading Graylings well-reasoned 'sermon' as soon as it arrives and would commend its intent in spite of not yet having read a word of it! In such things I place my faith and await its verification. Perhaps, if such works had become more widespread much sooner, we would have less of the 'life derailments' religion ensures? Ways of ensuring that are much less about any book than those in positions powerful enough to procure them and the procuring thereof all the more viral if it perpetuates a gossip of fears and euphoria respecting unknowable fiction. In this respect Grayling is onto a less orgasmic distraction of the minds emotions, of that I have no doubt.

It seems we are in the spheres of something other than mere reason whenever we attempt to evaluate such attempts at alternatives as ambitious as Graylings and for this I harbor hope since the alternatives are religions poison of future generations minds under the cover of a mass deception as if it were a kindness.

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