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The word "militant" has to be the single most misused word in this entire debate. I would like someone to show one (just ONE) thing about the atheist movement that has been even remotely approaching militant. Is "outspoken" militant?

Also, I'd like to see where all this breaking of the Golden Rule is really going on - I've not seen it. Even Christopher Hitchens, characterized as the "meanie of atheism" is really only stating "your ideas are stupid." That is the golden rule in action - we state our opinion of their views, and I've yet to see an atheist who attempted to deny a theist their right to do the same. The say that the wording of the indictment is too strong is simply to coddle the opposition. That's not the golden rule, that's simply poor tactical decision making, not to mention dishonest.

I think there ARE a few atheists out there who are jerks, and I tell them so FAR more readily than I tell theists they are jerks, becuase theists don't reflect poorly on me. However, none of those people are among those atheists who get media attention. The five or six atheists who get quoted and interviewed and best-sellered are uniformly reasonable. I'm just not sure when "reasonable" became confused with "respectful." Not all ideas are worthy of respect, and it's not militant to put that truism into action.

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