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Comment 24 by Nordic11 :

As a Christian who actually believes the Bible stories are true (let's please forgo the moron comments and other name calling; I already know you think I'm an idiot), I thought it might be helpful for you to hear what goes on at bedtime in our house (I don't know how typical this is). We read a scripture verse or two at dinner most nights, often from the proverbs or gospels, but my boys read a side variety of materials for their nighttime reading such as fantasy (The Lightning Thief, Castle in the Attic), nature books, and Greek myths. Less than 5% of our reading time includes Bible stories, but we have some excellent illustrated books that do not shy away from the tough Bible stories such as the conquest of Jericho and the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

I would pay good money to be there when the story of Lot's Daughters comes up on the schedule.

"Daddy, what's incest?"

I desire to ground my sons in our faith, but I certainly don't want them to grow up in a believer's bubble, and we talk often about the time when they will need to make their own decisions about choosing to believe or not.

Er, too late.

In a child's early life, the parents are the most important role models they can have - if you've introduced "god" to them as a reality, they could be just like Rod and Todd Flanders before you know it.

Unfortunately, my three atheist/ agnostic friends all moved out of our area, and I have no other nonreligious friends. This is a great discussion though. Perhaps I should search harder for non believing friends to be a part of my boys' lives. I do try to explain the atheist's and agnostic's position to them, but of course, I am biased. Having them hear different views about Bible stories would be great for their education.

Stick around here for a while, we're not that bad once you get to know us :)

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