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It always antagonises my curiosity that whenever people attempt to use science to 'pseudo-prove' there is a divine source, they hardly ever then suggest which of the mythological characters they are backing and why and moreover how it is that their character is the one under proof - as if this character provided them its own inspired proof so they could go prove that their myth is the real myth - which of course they all are ultimately? Placebos of the mind at war with placebos of the mind PLUS their emotional equivalents which don't necessarily need any sense to be talked about - you see if they imagine something then obviously its non-fiction!

Amazing how many people go to the reference section of their minds never realising it is stocked full of fiction!

Happy Birthday Hitch. Clarity is much less less veiled after your lifes decipherings!

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 12:49:33 UTC | #614908