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I first came across Christopher after ordering RDs collection of 'The Four Horsemen' DVDs. In the company of giant intellects he had something very 'stylishly wise' about him. You could never get the subliminal power of this from simpIy listening to or reading about him. I failed to twig what it was initially, that could be so convincingly rational about 'style'. I suspect he blended himself like a fine distillation into something that sieved out all of those things born of bullshit and gradually converged upon his own unique blend of the rationally numinous in a world oft so absent of it amongst humans. How ironic, I say, that a man so absent theism, oozes all of its aquirable transcendental aspirational qualities and parcels them to within a single lifetime - frees them of serfdom to millennia of commercial and political enterprises, shirking their attempts to enslave and extrapolate them into some afterlife mythological pain impostor and then shows the rest of us how its done. This man is real - the imagination is not left to chance!

Is there an art gallery in existence that conveys such a concept?

The Hitch, to me, is a walking art gallery usurping the inherited dogma of multiple histories! You could not capture this personification of liberation from consciousness slavery, except in the life lived of such a man walking, living, breathing and communicating it outwardly.

May happiness return to you time and again Christopher.

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