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What terrible hypocrisy. Even if Jefferson wanted a university void of any religious influence, the people who are complaining about the contemporary influence of religion at the university will be the same people who argue that the constitution is not a document that should not be interpreted in the ways the founders meant, but that its a living document. I know this because in this letter, they complain about the Church's teaching on abortion. Nothing in the U.S. constitution says anything about the U.S. government having the right to force the states to allow abortions. Indeed, the founders, including Jefferson, probably would have thought of abortion as abhorrent. But because the constitution is a "living document" it can be "implied" that abortion is a "right." The university, on the contrary, when it comes to religion, should be run as if it were 1800. Please, this is a non-issue.

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 16:25:59 UTC | #615469