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they don't know their God is a bloodthirsty mess of self-contradiction who encourages ignorance, homophobia, incest, hate, slavery and etc.

If they actually know the Bible, then they most probably dismiss/ignore the bad parts.

I am afraid that even knowing about what pastors don´t tell them about the bible they would not be uncomfortable with the ideas of"immoral". I just heard this, notice that I didn´t heard it must not be true ."There are paedophile priests, and then what ? Aren´t others also paedophiles too ?"actually I have really heard this from a chief of mine, a woman... (the dictatorship of relativism actually). Then, they are only humans, that´s why they cannot understand completely God´s misteries (that´s their fault never God´s fault). People accept and it doesn´t troubles their conscience because... perhaps they don´t have it.

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