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Like an absent father, unaware of his role, he will and already has panged the distress of his own disappearance from the very distant but uniquely and treasured accessible position he holds in their lives. But you will not, as you indeed were used to doing, waste too much time on this, since it is he who taught you not to. This is his power. This is his place. This is his legacy (the modest legend within his own lifetime) – the absenthood of serfdom to the superstitiously numinous and the breaking of the hymen of ones own reality. The situation is an accidental revelation in many respects. Jet plane mechanics of the mind and emotions, born of the techno communications era affording a substitute parentage and party-less kindredship that is able to pivot out a role exceeding many of the only real and accessible ones to some of us.

Where was this man when I was growing up - any man for that matter?

And here you are, permitted this small uneasy window of reality, amidst the eternity that preceded and awaits the afterwards of your lifetime, less wondering why and richly more confused than ever as to the numinosity of this knowledge you now hold about it all, but beautifully alleviated of that perverted, oft painful sometimes anaesthetized, trauma the world all too readily gifts and imposes upon you to somehow be all the more “good for you not to know any better” through its theisms, flawed expectations and historical precedents. Thank goodness he came home, for a time at least!

This is what “The Man” , from some distance, has come to mean to me, amongst others. It is a peculiar position?

I could go on, and on…..

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