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Because in America, more than anywhere else in Christendom, it is possible to selectively pick and twist at the contents of the Bible, due to the country's Seeker roots, and to wildy reinterpret what is written there to suit your own outlook. Hence the hideous abortions like the Prosperity Gospel and Televangelism, the shamanistic heresies like snake dancing cults and faith healing, and the hate filled old school bigotry of the gay haters like the WBC.

It is a land where opinion is seen as important, or more so, than fact and facts are damn thin on the ground. The land where Europe drove and dumped its religious fanatics and seeker Buckle Hats safe and far away across an ocean, unaware that someday that ocean would become a mere puddle.

The USA is a land where religion goes to retire, become all mad and drooly and reduce itself to its most childlike as it festers in its armchair stinking of piss and death.

And Oprah? Well she just personifies all that is ill with the USA. A teary, lipstick smeared, empty headed meatsack filled with opinion and self importance, elevated and placed on a pedestal by a celebrity obsessed junkie audience who would rather worship the Golden Cow than think for themselves and see her hypocrisy and revisionism for what it is, sitting docile as they lap up her cliched platitudes spread nationwide on a syndicated schlock show cheese toastie.

If there is any consolation it is in that her viewing public, like religion, is dying off and she will soon be off the airwaves.

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