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Life used to be tough You now sit atop a pyramid that raises you higher than many. Those around you bring along whatever it takes to raise you still higher. If all you need to do is display subservience to a fictional non-existent person to get this kind of adulation, why bother contemplating an alternative, especially when many of your fans see you as a potential pharaoh who might just put in a good word as they pass through those holes in the sky we now know are stars.

Life is sweet - why throw out the cookies?

Deliverance from delusions, when you are truly deluded, is a long and painful alternative choice, so usually is avoided whilst day to day routines continue to work their imaginary placebos around your reality.

It worked for thousands of years of human history. Why bother changing it in your own lifetime. Just easy along for the ride and let someone or other pick up the tab for the exponentially high debt of 'belief'.

Something along those lines is around about where it's at. Obviously all people have 'good' thoughts going on along the way - but the need to be 'high' on belief is an unnecessary and ultimately damaging parasite on human consciousness.

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