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God has always offered hope to the oppressed.

God gives people freedom from slavery, a ghetto, a concentration camp, a den full of lions, a Roman coliseum, an ideology which seeks to impose itself by torture and brutality.

Is it any surprise that totalitarian regimes like the former Soviet Union fail in their efforts to control the only true freedom humans have – the opium of the masses which defies Communism and Nazism alike?

As for slavery being supported by the bible, that is like saying that “harm minimization” drug addiction public policy endorses the heroin trade. Slavery is a function of the economic reality and of greed – it always has been. Most of us are slaves to the superior power and controll of wealth which dominates capitalism and survival of the fittest. I see nothing in an atheistic (god-LESS) world view which suggests moral outrage at the way evolution has favored the greedy and the strong and the dominant and those who covet and strive and exploit the weak.

The bible, however, castigates the greedy and the selfish and warns them against their abuses of the poor (who, without food and housing are slaves) with stories about the rich man and Lazarus, about camels and the eye of a needle, about the sin of denying a worker their rightful wage (theft.)

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